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Alumni Update:  College XC15 Action Begins!

Alumni Update: College XC15 Action Begins!

Whitman College Cross Country Team 2015 It’s barely September, and already Monta Vista cross-country alumni are starting to make a mark on college teams from coast-to-coast! At UC Irvine, Pearl Law (MVXC12, and older sister of current MVXC team member Ruby Law), opened her season as the Anteaters’ fifth runner with a 19:52 over the tough UCI Invitational course.  Just up the road in Pasadena, Rohan Choudhury (MVXC15) won the praise of his coach at CalTech as he ran the second fastest time ever by a

Adidas Meet of the Champions

I thought I might just share some moments from the Adidas Meet of the Champions. This was by far the biggest and most awesome meet I’ve ever had the chance to participate in, and I hope that at least some of you get a chance to go someday! It’s definitely one heck of an experience. Friday: 6:20 AM: I awake to the sound of my alarm clock, as always, but realizing that it somehow went off at 6:20 AM instead of 7:00, I hit the snooze

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Overcome and Conquer

Overcome and Conquer

Growing up, I had these two people who disguised themselves as my grandparents, but deep down I always knew that they were in fact angels sent to watch over me. My grandparents had amazing qualities and with their guidance, love and support, have made me the person that I am today. My grandmother was able to cure me with just one of her hugs. She knew without even asking if something was wrong. My grandfather was always there to back me up on anything, even


I caught on pretty quickly. Most newcomers do. “Good job!” Whenever I passed by a teammate during a run, or saw them during/after a race, I learned to cheer them on. Regardless of how fast they are, or what you think of them, you say it, because they’re a fellow runner and you’re in this together. It’s such a simple thing, so easy to take for granted. But it makes a world of difference. Coming into high school, I didn’t ask for it, didn’t expect


I’ve spent two hours sitting in front of this laptop trying to write something that sums up MVXC and track and honestly, I’m at a loss for words. Where the heck do I begin? The practices, the races, the traditions, the atmosphere, the spirit, there’s just way too much to cover. But in the end, it’s all about the people. When I look back on my MVXC/track experience, I really have been through a lot. Regrets, disappointments, successes, smiles, tears; but throughout everything, there was


Remember the seniors. Last week on Friday, I regret to say that I napped through SCVALS, my last opportunity to see the seniors’ race. I had half a mind to tell myself, “It’s okay, there’s always next year.” This is when I realized that all this time, I have taken their presence for granted. I never imagined the prospect of being stripped of a group of amazing people who have supported me for three years of my life, who have inspired me to be great,
Your Competitors Are Human Too!

Your Competitors Are Human Too!

Last weekend, I had the distinct honor of running in the Brooks PR Invitational in Seattle, Washington. I had more fun than I have ever had at a meet in my life; I’m sure you all have had experiences where coming home at the end is a source of enormous sadness. I’m still in withdrawal a bit, even today! It made me realize how much I truly love running, and if I ever have any doubts about what I’m doing or why I’m doing it,
We the Runners

We the Runners

As I slowly lace up my flats, The air is thick with anxiety, nervousness, apprehension and yet in the midst of all these feelings, there’s excitement, curiosity, a general commotion. There’s a slight breeze, carrying with it the smells of the course. Dirt, trampled upon so many times there are permanent markings on the trails. Sweat, trickling down our faces, showing how hard we’ve been working. Exhaust, rolling off the cars speeding down the freeway below us. The sweet smell of rainfall from the night

Stop and Run

The world around us is changing too quickly. Something big is always happening, someone is always doing something huge. Action, reaction; action, reaction. “World peace.” Quite an oxymoron, isn’t it? There is never a moment where the world is at peace, certainly not now. These days, we really have no time to develop, or really, think. Yeah you can say that we “think” every day sitting through math, science, lit, whatever. Or we’re cramming for a huge test during the wee hours of morning, furiously

The Cave and the Mountain

Suffocating. Sitting in this room, wandering aimlessly. It feels empty. I put on my shoes and go out for a run. It’s cold. My fingers freeze, my skin stings, my throat dries, my breath billows like smoke. Cold and empty. Everything around me begins to blur. I start to feel dizzy, light-headed, my consciousness slowly slipping away. Fade to black… silence. Where am I? What time is it? Does it matter? No, it doesn’t. I keep running in the darkness, pretending nothing’s happened. Has anything


The thing with life is that we remember moments, not hours or minutes or days. We remember feelings. Sometimes running in high school, then, seems pointless; I would venture to say almost all of us will never be more than hobby runners, and will probably stop running after high school and maybe college – which is not to say I advocate this. This invariably leads to the question of why we run, if we’re never going pro. Practice takes two hours each day, and in
The “Real” Role of Pain in Running

The “Real” Role of Pain in Running

I ran into Emma the other day at Target, in the books section. We exchanged greetings, then I noticed she was reading The Hunger Games, which I thought was cool, since it’s one of my personal favorites. “Oh yeah!” Emma said. “I mean, this book makes me kind of sad, but I really like it anyway. What’s that called, when you like something even though it’s kind of painful…” “A masochist?” I offered. “Yeah! That’s it! Do you ever get called that, because you like

#6034 says goodbye

Well, it’s that time of the year again; time to say goodbye. Some of us are done. Some of us look forward to SCVALS and CCS and State. Some of us are boxing our spikes, waiting for the next season. It’s been a long journey, for all of us. From those drills on the first day of practice to the blazing fast personal records at Leagues, from the cold, blustery winds of ‘tino to the onslaught of rain at Los Gatos, we’ve come a long


This article is mainly targeted for male runners.  I have discovered a remedy for ill-fitting socks that bunch up inside of your shoes and cause perpetual irritation. I myself (shoe size 9.5) got sick of the one-size-fits-all socks that are commonly found in department stores, since one sock size is made to fit people from something like size 6 through 13.  The problem with this kind of sock is that they have the potential to stretch a lot.  What I mean is that many of


The issue with trying something new is that sometimes, it doesn’t work. Ouch. “You’re not jumping!” Ouch. “You’re jumping sideways!” Ouch. “You’re jumping up, but you’re falling sideways!” Ouch. “Your step is wrong!” Ouch. My first experience with high jump, needless to say, was painful. My back will need a massage shortly. Coach Scott was very nice about it, and encouraged me to push on. But sometimes, things just don’t click. I told him I probably wouldn’t continue, and he just said, “Cool, you just

A Humble Introduction

I’ve been on MV Track & Field for a number of seasons now, and one of the things I’ve enjoyed the most from being a part of the team is simply listening to you guys talk. Each and every one of you has a different side of the story to tell and I want to hear it. That’s the purpose of this page: a platform for us to comfortably share with each other our different perspectives about MV Cross Country/Track & Field. No need to