Uniform return day is sad–it marks the end of another cross-country season.  Sigh.

Please plan to bring your uniform back to the team on Thursday, November 9 after school.  You have one week to get your complete uniform laundered and folded nice and clean and neat!

If you are planning to join the track and field team for the 2018 season, you may keep your uniform.  Simply fill out the form below and return this form to Coach Johnson or Coach Flatow, or bring the form to Mrs. Flatow at the uniform return next Thursday afternoon.  If you have a uniform that fits and you are comfortable with, it’s a good idea to keep your uniform!

Uniform return will be after school, in the student parking lot near our storage shed–where you received your uniform.  If it is raining, we might move the location, so don’t give up–come find us and return your uniform.

If you are missing any piece of your uniform, or something is damaged, remember that you agreed to reimburse the team $50 per item.  If you have a minor piece of damage, please discuss this with Mrs. Flatow when you return the uniform (if she can repair the item, she will sew it up, and you are going to have a better chance of her helping you out if you talk to her up front rather than return the item and hope that she does not notice the rip!).

Thank you for your support.  Please come with your uniform next Thursday the 9th after school; if everyone comes the same day the process is much easier!

We hope to see you all, and your families, at the Season End Banquet next week!  You can RSVP for the banquet here.