After an excellent photo session, our team photos are already available!

MVXC does not handle team photos like most athletic teams.  We don’t hire a ‘team’ photographer that takes a couple shots, we have a creative photographer (Coach Johnson’s wedding photographer!) take our photos.  Also, we don’t ask the team to purchase the photos; we pay the photographer for his time so you can download all the images you want to post on Facebook, send to your aunt and your grandfather, use as a screen saver…whatever you want!  (You can also print these out, but if you do want Jeremy to do a special print job he can do that too).

One thing that would be nice to do…if you put these photos up on Facebook or other social media, please acknowledge the photographer, Jeremy Hohengarten, and his business StillMusic Photography.  He is a nice guy, he does great work for us, and it would be nice to send him business if we can!

So go to our photo page and take a look, and download what you like!  For free downloads use the password montavista.  There are some wonderful photos of a great team.  Enjoy!