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July 4; Running Logs; Five Weeks Until First Practice!

Fourth Of July Evening 2019 on Arch Cape Beach MVXC had an exceptional Fourth of July; the team hosted an Independence Day morning run and pot luck breakfast!  This event was entirely athlete-conceived and athlete-executed; no coaches were involved in

MVXC Summer Running Is Rolling Along

No matter what, you’re always better when you come back from running than when you go out. –Katherine Switzer (the first woman to run the Boston Marathon) We now have two weeks of summer running in our log books!  For many of

MVTF 2019 Recap–A Wonderful Season

Before we start digging into our preparation for MVXC19, let’s take a quick look back at MVTF19… The Season Begins:  January 28 was our first practice.  While the season seemed to stretch on forever in front of us, less than